Staplestein – 3D FX Transfers

STaplestein 3D FX Transfer

Staplestein – 3D FX Transfers


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Get the incredible look of having staples closing up a massive wound with this amazing Staplestein Tinsley 3D Transfer Prosthetic!

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Staplestein – 3D FX Transfers

Staplestein is a 3 piece 3D Transfer prosthetic by Tinsley Transfers. Get Your Frankenstein on with this amazing new makeup technology! Check out some of our other favorite 3D Transfers like Smiley, which offers a black dahlia look. Or their Shanked Transfer, which makes realistic knife wounds!

What Is A 3D Transfer?

3D FX Transfers by Tinsley are a miraculous new way to apply special fx makeup ( yes… we said miraculous! ). Long gone are the days of messing around with liquid latex and spirit gums. These transfers apply with nothing but water in just a few moments. Save HOURS applying wounds and effects with this new technology! Your friends will think you are a professional makeup artist with these 3D FX Transfers!

How Does It Apply?

Think of your Staplestein 3D Transfer like a temporary tattoo. It uses a transfer paper that you wet, and the prosthetic transfers from the paper to your body. There are no edges… no seems. Tinsley Transfers blend into your skin to give a hyper-realistic look! All of the transfers are pre-painted. So all you have to do is touch them up a little ( if you want ) with blood, and you are ready to go!

When it comes time to remove your 3D Transfer, simply gently pull it off with a little soap and water. It’s really that easy! These appliances are designed to be long-wearing so that they will hold up for your event or costume party without a problem.

A hugely popular product with haunted attractions. Actors LOVE them because they don’t need to spend hours having their makeup done, and the haunt owners save money by not having so many makeup artists on site. Win-Win!

Watch The Video!

Although we don’t have a specific video for Staplestein we have other appliance application videos by Tinsley that demonstrate how easy the process is! Check it out! Here is a video of the Slashed 3D Transfer.

Designed By Hollywood FX Artists!

This part is HUGE! All of these are designed by Christien Tinsley, an Academy Award-winning makeup artist. You have seen his work on television and in movies. Remember the movie Passion of the Christ? That scene where they are whipping him and ripping the flesh off? Those are 3D Transfers applied by Christien Tinsley! Countless movies use his temporary tattoos to ink up their stars. His work is everywhere! American Horror Story, Westworld, Santa Clarita Diet, and the new Perry Mason. His resume goes on and on… check out his IMDB.

Purchasing an authentic Tinsley Transfers product is like having access to a Hollywood Studio working with you in your makeup projects. Take your makeup look to the next level with Tinsley Transfers.

An Incredible Partnership

Gothika the number one theatrical contact lens pairing up with Tinsley Transfers was a match made in the stars. We are proud to be able to offer all of Tinsley Transfers products right here on Gothika! You will notice stock levels on each Tinsley product. We pull real-time available stock levels from Tinsley Transfers, and when you purchase any Tinsley product, we will ship directly from them! This way, you are always getting the latest and greatest product.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Wayne H

    I bought this one for me and the Smiley for my girlfriend, both are amazingly fit us and made us a perfect couple during our school event. The products look exactly as in photos and are in great quality too. My girlfriend is very happy with it. Will definitely try another styles for our next event!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Wendy Russi

    These are SO REAL LOOKING!!!!!!!

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